TCOR Mainstreet is an equal Employment Opportunity Employer. We do not use personal information in our hiring process and are dedicated to hiring the person who is best suited for our jobs without any knowledge or consideration of any individual`s membership in any protected class. Any personal information found on the application or any supporting documentation will be removed as soon as it is discovered. All applications received by TCOR Mainstreet will only remain active for one year. TCOR Mainstreet is committed to promoting safety and high standards of employee performance, productivity and reliability. In order to achieve this, all finalists may be subjected to a drug test prior to being hired to assure the Company that the applicant does not currently have narcotics, sedatives, stimulants and/or other controlled substances in his/her body. Furthermore, TCOR Mainstreet supports a Drug-Free Workplace Policy. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining the TCOR Mainstreet team.